I like watching wwe and buying wwe murchindice 

I like to buy WWE stuff because there is lots to collect like action figures ,dvds,books,video games,posters,magizines and there is even a wwe store in Niagara Falls you should check it out. It is best to go in the summer time because there is a WWE ride. It is a drop zone. Also in the store you can buy action figures,dvds,shirts and a lot more. Somtime real wwe wrestler go there to sign photos and figures and in the wall out side you will see a bunch of hand prints. There all wrestlers that have been there in the past i like to see what hand print my hand fits in. after a long time trying to see what one of my hands fit the best in in found it. it was rey mysterio he is one of the smallest wrestlers he weighs in at 178 pounds. And his height is 5 ft 6in. I am almost taller than him. He is also one of my favourite wrestlers because I really like his high flying style and he wears the coolest masks ever. He wears a mask to respect his Mexican culture of wrestling. He comes form the lucha libre style. There are not many wrestlers with that style. The WWE just signed a new wrestler with that same style named Sin Cara, Also known as Mistico.
external image rey_mysterio_wallpaper_02.jpg


I like to watch wwe Raw on monday , NXT on wednesday ,Superstars on thursday,Smackdown on friday and Vintage Vollection on saturday the two main shows are raw and Smackdown Raw.Raw has over 900 episodes making it the longest running t.v show in history. Smackdown has over 600 episodes making it the 3 longest runnig t.v. show in his history. WWE use to have ECW which was on it's own for over 10 years. ECW was known as the haarcore wrestling. ECW has had some of the most extreme wrestler of all time like Sabu,Sandman,RVD,Terry Funk,Team 3d,Big Show,Tommy Dreamer,Bam Bam Bigalow and Tazz. till wwe bought ECW in 2006 then it was swhiched to nxt.nxt is rookies trying out for the wwe wrestling to win a contract. The wwe has different belts that you can win .which are the united states belt, wwe belt, tag team belt, intercontinental belt and the divas belt. the divas belt just came out in 2009 there was the womens belt since wwe started in the 1950's i also like to buy the pay per views but my favourite one is wrestlemania which started in the year of 1985 it started with wrestlemainia 1 and now is at wrestlemania 27. wrestlemania 1 was at madison square garden with an attendance of 19 121 the first match at wrestlemania was tito santana vs the executioner which tito santana won in the time of 4 minutes and 50 seconds the main event that wrestlemania 1 was hulk external image WrestleManiaLogos.jpg

hogan and mr. t vs mr wonderful and roddy piper that match ended in the time of 13 minutes and 13 seconds i hope you you liked my wiki on wwe wrestling