ybc.jpgI'm passionate about bowling because I've been doing it for 5 and a half years and i'm getting really good. Some of my high games five-pin-bowling.jpgare 270, 210, 242, 213, 202, and 216. Some of my high triples (3 games altogher)are 589, 692, and 532. I bowl at pla-more bowling lans in Port Dallousie. I bowl in the junoir divison. I bowl for Youth Bowling Canada or YBCfor short. Bowling is a really easy sport to play all you have to do is follow these steps:

imagesCAQMXH7L.jpg1. Get a bowling

2. Get in position and aim for the pins.

3. Throw the ball down the lane an d make sure you follow through with your throw.

4. See step 1, 2, and 3 and repeat as many times as nessesarey.

Here are some of the bowling centers in Ontario that you can visit to bowl: Stryks lanes, Bowl - O ybc_ontario_logo.jpg- RamaMy_bowling_bag.jpg, Kingsway lanes, Eastside lanes, Pla - Mor lanes, Fairview lanes, and Mud Cat lanes. These are only My_bowling_ball.jpgsome of the bowling lanes in Ontario, and they are the lanes my brother and I bowl against at tornaments. I think the tornamantes I enter are great because you get to bowl at different places all over the province. there are four steps to the tornaments, 1. is the House round or the Qualifier. 2. is the Zone round.( all of your bowling region ) 3. is the Provincial round.( all of the province you live in ) 4. is the National round ( all of Canada ) And since there canada is the only country that does 5 pin bowling we don't do world wide tornaments. The inventor of 5 pin bowling is: Thomas F. Ryan. He was canadian sportsman. He was born in Guelph Ontario in 1872. He died in 1961 in Toronto Ontario at the age 89. I think that Thomas did a great thing inventing 5 pin bowling because it is one of my favourit sports. I love bowling and after reading this you will TOO!!!