Laughing and Talking


I am passionate about laughing and talking.

Why I'm Passionate About Talking and Laughing:

I am passionate about laughing and talking because it is one of my favourite things to do. I laugh and talk everyday. I like to laugh and talk because it helps you have friends, it makes you happy and you can help other people by talking to them and laughing with them.
I feel that talking is a chance to live because it gives you a chance to talk to other people, make friends and be polite to others around you.
I feel that laughing is a chance to be free because when you laugh where you are is the happiest place on Earth.
Whenever I laugh, I can almost never stop. When I start talking, it's another story. I can't stop!
Talking and laughing helps you communicate with those around you. Some people can't talk because of health problems or other things. I feel really bad for those people because they can't experience the feeling of laughing and talking anymore.
If people couldn't laugh or talk, the world would be very different. People couldn't communicate as well, there would be more fist fights becuase people can't communicate with their mouths, so their mouths couldn't do the talking. Their actions would have to.
Being passionate about something means that you do it alot. Almost everybody in the world laughs and talks every single day.
Come on...try it...LAUGH and TALK!
Things I Like About Laughing and Talking:
  • You can laugh and talk anywhere
  • You can make friends and if you have some already, you can talk to your friends and laugh with them
  • Laughing and talking makes you happy most of the time.
  • You can laugh and talk to anything.
  • You don't need any supplies, gear or uniforms to laugh and talk.
  • Almost everybody laughs and talks differently
  • People do it worldwide