High Jump

I Love High Jump ! It's like the best thing I'm good at beside being the coolest kid at school:) Just Kidding. Well anyway my personal best is 1.25, so that's pretty high but not as high as Rowans, hers is 1.55. I've been to 2 competitions at the Toronto Track And Field Centreand came in third twice, ya pretty cool don't you think. But i like to thank Mr.Rumsby for training us to be better and helping us jump higher for our competitions. He also had a personal best day that he video taped us jumping it was pretty cool. Here's a high Jump video for you guys. As you can see am very passion about High Jump and i hope it will stay like that. Here is a YouTube video of Olympic high jumpers.

 High Jump Practices

Sometimes when I'm at High Jump practice and were jumper i land on the high jump pole and it kills when you hit the pole, because you end up hurting your back or you might even hit your head, that would hurt more. Also sometimes we have plyometrics Tuesday when we don't jump at all and just work out. There are a lot of people that go to the practices like Jesse, Rowan, Nicole, Maddie S, Maddie L, Maddy B, Tyson, Tyler, Victoria, Lauren, Halley, and myself. We also do leg crosses, butt kicks and high knees and thoses are called dynamic stretchesand the stretches we do on the floor are called static stretches, yes we do a lot of streting in high jump to your legs aren't all cramped when you jump.

High Jump Competitions

At our High Jump Competitions we have to wait sometime before we jum p unless the jumping is on time. Before we jump just like in our practices we have to warm up with our stretches. The names of the copmatitions i have been to are Flying Angels #1, International Youth Meet Of Champions, and Fly Angels #2. The most fun part of The copmatitions are jumping and of corse getting your metals if you recive one. I hope at our next meet coming up I wil beable to jump high then 1.25.

High Jump is my life without it i would be nothing
I think I'll yet doing High Jump as much as i can!!!!!! Beside being on the vollyball team in the fall, but i'm talking about high jump not vollyball. So i pretty much love to do high jump!!!! I hope i will stay doing high jump.

 I LOVE HIGH JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!