The thing that I'm passionate about is reading. I LOVE reading! Chapter books, newspapers, a lot of things, except math sheets!! Right now, I'm reading 8 books, Two of a kind diaries, Girls acting catty, Who ran my underwear up the flagpole?, Mary-Kate and Ashley the autobiography, The Ivy Chronicles, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, ETC ETC. I've read many many MANY books, like The Bravest Thing, Pet Trouble, The best friends club diaries, and so many more. 

My Favourite Author and my favourite book by them!

My favourite author is Jerry Spinelli. He is 70 years old, and lives with his wife and fellow author Eileen Spinelli. They have 6 children and 16 grandchildren. He has written about 25 books, including Maniac Magee, which recieved the Newberry Award. My personal favourite book of his is Stargirl. It's about a crazy new 10th grade student who blows her new school away, especially Leo Borlock. But soon the whole school hates Stargirl, and she and Leo must face the whole school. Now, I'm reading the sequel to Stargirl: "Love, Stargirl".

Why I love reading! 

The reason I love reading is because it puts me in a place I've never been to-sometimes, other times I have been there-without having to go there! I also love reading because I like to hear about other people's situations, and because I've probably read the previous book (if there are a series) and I want to read the next book. Also, I like to read books because it's like I'm the person who's in the book; I can see their perspective. Reading also sort of prepares me, like, if what happens in the book happens to me, I'll just do what they do...if what they do helps them.
Some books I WANT to read are...
Some books I WANT to read are the "Drama!" series by Paul Ruditis, "The zodiac girl's series" by Cathy Hopkins, "Eleven"and "Twelve" by Lauren Myracle, "The wedding planner's daughter" by Coleen Paratore, and any more of the 'Pet Trouble' series.

These are some of my favourite books:

external image 9781599905204.jpg external image boys-are-dogs.jpg external image PetTrouble1%20cover2_2_0.jpg
The Bravest Thing
The Bravest Thing
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Book cover
Book cover
< Stargirl

The books I put are: Girls acting Catty by Leslie Margolis, Boys are Dogs also by Leslie Margolis, The Pet Trouble series, The Bravest Thing by Donna Jo Napoli, "Charm Club Series" by Belinda Ray, "Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli

The Boring Part (AKA: all about books!)

Now for the BORING part. Telling you ALL about books! Yay. So much fun. Books started a long, long time ago. Before you born, before your parents were born, even before your grandparents were born! No one truly knows the first book ever made, but we do know it was written...well...we don't know that for sure, either! But we're pretty sure the Bible was the first book ever PUBLISHED.

You might be wondering, who writes the books? Well, the people that write books are called 'authors'. They are in charge of what happens in the book. They're like directors, only they don't call "Action!" they say, "Hmm...what should happen next in my book?" But the author isn't the only one who makes a book. There's also the 'illustrator'. They are the ones who draw the pictures (or use computer programming to make a picture). But also, there's the 'editor'. They're the ones who fix any mistakes the author has, including grammar, spelling, and more.

I think that's it, I told you favourite author, my favourite books, the books I'm reading, why I like reading, about books, and...that's it. Peace out dudey dude!

Peace out DUDEY DUDE!!