725103991_c9J86-M.jpgHockey is something that I love to play. I love the rush of the game and the intensity. It always gets your heart going for both the players, and the spectators. On this page, you will find paragraphs and pictures on many of the things in hockey and also why I, and probably many others, are passionate about hockey.

Obviously,the point in hockey is to beat the opposing team. The way you beat them, is to score more goals(get the puck into their net) on the other team then they do on you. There are many ways to score a goal. And that is what I am going to talk to you about first.



There are many ways to score a goal. all goals are score after a player takes a shot. There are many different types of shots. There is: A Wriste Shot, Slap Shot, Snap Shot, Deek and many more. To your right, you will see a wriste shot being taken. Below, you will see a video about the top 10 goals scored.


After scoring a goal, there are many ways to celebrate. Many people are known for their set goal celebrations because they are very creative. Down below, you will see some VERY creative goal celebrations.


If the two teams playing by the end of the game have the same number of goals, then the two teams will go into over time (O.T). This is an extended time given to the two teams to score a goal and beat their opponent. Depending on the game, there can be more than one over time given. For example, if the two teams did not score in the over time they could go into double over time, or triple and so on. Or they could only be given 1 over time and then go into shoot out, which I will get to in a second. Also, depending on the game, it could be a sudden death over time. Which means in the over time, whoever scores first wins the game.


If the two teams go through over time without scoring, they will then go into a shoot out. A shoot out is simply a one on one break away between the shooter and the goalie.

The player shooting will be standing at centre ice with apuck. and the goalie will be in the net. Because they are out of regular play, all other players are in their benches and are not allowed to interfear with the shoot out.

The shooter will then go down and attempt to score, only being allowed to take one shot or deek. They are not allowed to shoot at a loose puck a second time.

Once again. depending on the game, there can be many shooters or very little. By the end of the shootout, whatever team scored the more goals wins the game. Below you will see a video of some amazing shoot out goals and saves.

Amazing Saves:


I could probably go on forever about all of these different things in hockey, offsides, positions, referees, face-offs, but when you think about it, all of that really isn't important. Sure you need to know all of that to play the game, but the best part in hockey, is the person it makes you. It forces you to be creative, to problem solve. If you keep on doing the same play over and over again, the other team is going to come up and knock you down. And in this situation it forces you to use your mind. You get up off the ground and find a new way to beat your opponent. You use your mind and find new and creative ways to beat them that they aren't expecting.
It teaches you responsibiblity. Hockey has a scheduale you need to follow. You can't just miss practices or games because you forgot. you need to make sure you are there for your teamates.
Although people may laugh at this concept, it teaches you life lessons that you will remember as long as you live.
Every body in hockey has had a heart breaking loss. Whether it's losing in the championship, or being beat out of the play-offs. All of these people are beginning to learn, or have learned, that people aren't just going to give things to you, and you can't just get everything you wish for. You have to go out there and work for it.
Your not always going to get that job, your not always going to that role, you are going to have to realize that if you want something really bad, don't just wait for it to come to you, go out and get it.

I think I am passionate about hockey for all of these reasons. It will help me in the long run and it's helping me right now. Plus, it can be pretty fun to play................. and to watch............ :D