Everyone loves vacationing
Vacationing is such a a highlight in everyone's life because you take the time off to do what relaxes or entertaines you. It could be camping in a tent, relaxing at the pool in the resort, on the go, hitting rides at an amusement park, or even just lounging at a hotel down the road from your house. My ideal vacation would be to take a plane ride to a spot where the temperature doesn't drop below 75 degrees at a 5 star, all inclusive resort. On my ideal vacation, I would preferably like for there to be nice beaches and pools, sight- seeing, GREAT food, entertainment, snorkeling, traditional music, a spa and hair salon and some cheap- priced gift shops. I absolutely do not understand how it is relaxing or entertaining to go camping in the middle of the woods, swimming in ice- cold lake water, eating cold meals most of the time and sleeping in a bug- infested tent that acts as a greenhouse when you wake up in he morning! The worst part is... Sleeping in OUT HOUSES!!! I would LOVE to know exactly how UNSANITARY it is to sit on a seat that is BARELY washed and given years at a time for the "waste" to mold into it. Not to mention nearly passing out every time you walk past and inhale the awful smell! Still, to some people, this is their "perfect" vacation.

My Vacations
Vacationing to warm places the during cold winter is by far my favourite thing to do. I would take the longest plane ride to a paradise any day of the week! Especially since I come from a family who CANNOT stand the cold weather, so I am constantly questioning my grandparents: "why on earth did our ancestors land in cold Canada?!?" To solve this "crisis," our family decided to take a vacation once every year, starting at Walt Disney World, in 2008.
Walt Disney World
My family and I went to Walt Disney World for a week in April, for my brother's birthday , which was one of the cheaper month to go. Unexpectedly, it was busy because they had their own celebration: "The Year of Dreams." To promote this, it might have been a little more expensive, and all of the walking characters were dressed in sparkly silver dresses and suits, saying: "Happy Year Of Dreams!" It was funny and enchanting to go that year. Another huge promotion Walt Disney World has is: "What will you celebrate?" There is always something spepcial that can be done to celebrate your birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, family reuinions, or even your first visit! Talk about the royal treatment! I must say that it really was the most magical place on earth.

Mayan Riviera, Mexico
The year after that, our family went further south to theX Caret resortin the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. The resort was absolutley stunning with three beautiful pools, all inclusive smoothie bars, white- sand beaches with tame fish swimming at your toes, a spa and activity centre, a tourist spot with ruins and Mayan history shows, snorkeling, a zoo, HUGE beaches and more! This was a fantastic spot to be at, and gave me a whole new look at the worlds' nature and climate.

Walt Disney World, Christmas
In the Christmas of 2010, our family went to Walt Disney World again, but tried a different resort. We went to the Bay Lake Tower, that offers an absoulutley amazing view of the Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom, and the fireworks at night. We knew that the busiest time of the year was to go at Christmas, with everything decorated, the Christmas parades and shows, and great customer service in EVERYTHING. An estimated cost of the fireworks per month is 350 000.00! The shows that go on all around the parks cost 1000.00 dollars per minute! It surely tells you the quality of this attraction! It was so busy that we got up at 7 in the morning to go to the parks as soon as they opened, and had to get out at 2:00 if we wanted to survive the stampede. In fact, on Christmas day, Magic Kingdom (one of the parks) was closed down due to full capacity. Crazy or what? Being there a whole 10 days, we were not able to get to a single show put on in front of the Cinderella Castle, and only ONE parade. It was okay though, because we were exhausted and stayed up to watch the phenominal fireworks that probably costed around 10 000 dollars a night. It was officialy our best vacation ever.
Things to watch out for
Some of the things that you can get a little annoyed at is that everything is far, far, far over priced at gift shops, as expesive as 5.00$ for a PENCIL! If you're not at W.D.W, which was voted the best customer service in the world, you could be in deep waters if you're dealing with some employees who are completely UNREASONABLE. This is one of the obvious factors, but ALWAYS MAKE SURE of the weather of the week you're going on vacation, for this could cause serious disapointment.
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Set up your OWN vacation!
These websites are FANTASTIC! I've planned all pf my vacations with their help of finding a resort and plane ride to whatever city or island you want. These websites are: Travelocity, RedTag, itravel, Last minute travel, Transat or If you're looking for an all- inclusive vacation deal, visit:, or just type in "all inclusive" as the request to your perfect vacation. To plan a Walt Disney World vacation, visit: Visit, to plan a vacation to Disneyland in Californina.