Squash is a racquet sport and I've been playing squash since I was 7 years old. I play a lot of other sports but squash is a sport that I'm really passionate about. Last year in U11 I was ranked number 2 in Ontario. Now I'm in U13 and I'm ranked top 10 in Ontario. I train at White Oaks and been apart of team Niagara there. This year I was also apart of Team Niagara and played all different teams in Ontario from March 4th to March 6th. This year it was held at White Oaks. Team Niagara came in 4th place and was really close to getting a bronze metal. I've also played in the Ontario Winter games. We also came in 4th in the Ontario Winter Games and are still keeping our ranking of 4th place. Which were held last year from March 4th to the 7th. The Ontario Winter Games are held every 2 years.


For squash I play all around Ontario for tournaments and team events. I've travelled all the way to Sudbury for a team event once. The tournaments are mostly held at my club White Oaks or usually in Toronto. Team events are my favourite tournaments because you get to cheer on your team and also have alot of fun with your team. Squash is a very active sport and there are many rules. A lot of people that never have played the sport squash think it's really easy and all you have to do is hit a ball against a wall. It's way more then that.


What keeps me playing squash is if you lose or win it doesn't matter your just there to have fun. But sometimes it gets pretty competitive. Everyone asks me what is squash everyday but I have too much to say because there are too many awesome things to say about squash. One of my favourite things about squash is when your in the finals in a tournament and it's a close match and everyone is watching on the court your playing on. It just gets you really excited and it makes you want to win the match so badly even more. Watching people from my club and people on team Niagara gets your heart beating really fast and it gets really suspenseful because you want them to win so badly. It even gets intense when your on the court playing. I also love hearing people chanting your name when your playing a match. I also love how fast and active the sport is and how it keeps you wanting to play. Another great thing about squash is how it's such a great workout.


For Squash Ontario we have rankings and for every match you win in a tournament you get points that goes towards your rankings. If you lose a match you lose points. Hopefully squash will be in the Olympics one day and I'll be representing Team Canada.

These are the many reasons why I am so passionate about the sport Squash!!!:D
Hopefully now after reading about my squash you know how passionate I am about the sport.


This picture was taken in Sudbury in the Ontario Winter games 2010. This is a picture of our team, Team Niagara.

This is a picture of my dad and I winning a silver metal at the Ontario Championship.