I love dance because it makes me happy when I walk into my dance studio. When I dance if you have emotions you have to let out you can do that in dance. Also I have been dancing with the same people for 7 years. The types of dance I do is jazz, ballet, and lyrical. I think lyrical is my favourite because I feal so happy when I dance it.


 My favourite dancer is Tera-Jean because she is such a great lyrical dancer and my favourite class is lyrical. Ever since she was on So You Think You Can Dance I have loved her dancing. She was the winner of So You Think You Can Dance in 2009. She was born in Lethbridge, AB. She auditioned in Saint John, NB. Her nickname is TJ or Teej. Her favourite song to dance to is ' Going Down With The Ship' by Luke Pickett. I hope to be like her some day.  Tara-Jean_MG_8594.jpg

When I met Tara-Jean

The day I met Tara-Jean I was at the So You Think You Can Dance workshop. She tought us a lyrical dance. Then after I got her autograph on my t-shirt. It was the best day of my life, meeting her. She was really nice to. She worked us really hard, I hurt the next day. Also some other dancers I met were Melinie and Cody. Cody was not the winner but he came second.

Ballet Etc....

My dance studio is called Ballet Etc...I love it there. We all treat eachother like a family. I feel like i'm at home when I'm there. I love being on the competition team because we get to travel around to differen't places and dance! Some places we go are Buffalo, Hamilton,and so many other places. external image splash1.jpg?var=0.63788700%201298997410

Competitive Team

Being on the competitive team can be very stressful sometimes. But it is very fun. Here is why it is stressful. On the morning of competition is very stressful but after that it's fine. In the morning you wake up, have a shower, eat, do your, hair either in a pony tail or bun. Then my mom does my makup. Trust me it's fine till we come to the fake eye lashes. I hate them, it feels like I have caterpillars on my eyes. Then after that we pack up all my things for the competition and go. The competitions we go to are called En Pointe and just dance, Champions, Kiwanis, and Dance America/ Dance Olympus. The last competition we went to was Dance America/Dance Olympus. All three of my dances made it to the nationals on Chicago. I'm very excited!



Some of the shoes you can wear are ballet shoes for ballet, jazz shoes for jazz, foot paws for lyracal and pointe shoes as you see in the picture.



The kind of Ballet I take is Classical Ballet the Cecchetti Method. To get excepted to do the exams you have to do a lot. First, your teacher has to commend you to do it. Then you have to learn every rutine on the bar and in the center. Next, your teacher picks a partner for you. Finally, you go in a room and there is a judge there waiting for you to dance. In a couple of weeks you get a mark back saying how you did. You can get pass, pass+, commended, highly commended or honours. For example on my last exam I got highly commended.


Finally I just want to say I love what I do and I'm never going to give up on dance.