I'm gabrielle Gagne, and I-LOVE-COWS!!! They are like SO RANDOM AND LIKE SO CUTE!! I like cows because they are an exellent food source and are fun to have around. Thougout all my life I've wanted to have a pet cow, a almost moved to a farm but my family changed their mind sadly. Baby cows are called calves and boy cows are called bulls. The bulls are used for meat and the girls are used for milk. One year I got to go to my mom's bff's farm. they had a cute liitle pig named Bacon and 2 cute cows. I think that ther're names are Dusty and Cookie. Both females. Another thing I like to do is walk my Shih tzu with Lia and her dog Cleo. Maddie- my dog really doesnt like wagon's...dont ask. I really only like cows when they are clean, and smell good beacause otherwise..... yeah. I like cows beacuse they moo,the only other animal that competes with a cow is a...PIG! If you want to learn what a potbellie pig is go to: I also love this game Mincraft. You mine a home or somthing in stone sand mud or dirt and after you craft it. Actully belive it or not, when I was about..Seven, I went to this fair in Fall and they were having a cow show. You could pick the cow you wanted to groom and dress up, Then you could walk it (with some help) to a big pen thing.Then you walk around and 'show' your cow to the judges. Sence then I go there every year to do the same cow show. Cant wait until next year!!!! Haha!

I know you might think that: how can someone be passionite about cow's??? well lets just say that Cows are what I talk about all the time at home, instead of sports or a vidieo game or even shoping. So it makes sence to do my wiki on the thing that I know alot about and the thing that I love the most ,even if it doesnt really make scence. when I was little all I would read was cow books, as a matter of fact one of my 1st words was cow, I loved cows from the start.

I really like what I do, and what I'm passionate about, they're fun and know.

Make sure to watch the part where the pig swims in the bath-tub!!!!