(Left) SCFHA Logo. (From Left to Right) Bottom Row: Danielle Evans, Genny Frick, Zoe Kilpatrick, Leah
Fulton, Danielle Gaines.Top Row: ,Olivia Shaw, Alyssa Patty, Kristen Balanownski, Sara McGill, Maddison Stevens,Tessa Groombridge, Hannah Hennesy.Coachs': Steve Balanownski, Peter Frick, Vince Shaw.

Hockey Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P


My Passion
I love playing hockey. I always will. I don't think anybody can (or ever will) take it away from me.

Why I love it.

I love playing hockey because (1) it's my favorite sport.(2) It's good exersize.(3) Because of the feeling I get when I get out there on the ice, it makes me feel like nobody can critisize me, like no one can stop me from doing what I love. Now thats a sport for ya!
Where I play it.
I play in SCFHA. Or also refered as the St.Catharines Female Hockey Association. One of my favorite NHL hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. One of the original 6 hockey teams of the NHL. But I also like the Pittsburgh Penguins, (Not just because Sidney Crosby looks like my cousin!). SCFHA is a strict, no contact leage, which sucks! So don't sass me! And if you do you'll get a pretty good wip-lash from Tessa and I!!!

How to play.

I know most of you know what Hockey is, with the ecseption of those girls who don't even bother to look at a , but I'll explain anyhow. Hockey is a sport that involves skill, stablity, and passion... And a hockey stick and skates! You have six players per team on the ice, ( including the Goalie) your objective is to get the puck into the other team's net. But, this isn't a one man job if you have a decent opponent. Pass the puck to your teamates and eventuly you'll get it in the other team's net. You have to defend your net too, if this is old time hockey you'd body-check the person on the other team who has the puck, sometimes that turns into a fight... So get ready for a black eye in the morning! There are 3 periods in the Hockey game, unless you tie in the end then you go to Overtime. If you can't get a goal in that then you go into shootout. Whoever wins that wins the game. Congradulations! You just learned how to play Hockey! Kinda.

 My point of View

I think people over critisize hockey. Like I know some girls who say they hate hockey because it's too violant... And yet they say they love football! But people who take their time to actcully learn about hockey, they end up loving it! So don't refuse to play hockey when you've never ever tried it. I love hockey because it's (1) thrilling to watch and (2) it fun to play. When I'm on the ice I'm haveing the time of my life.When your on the ice you may want to get off, but remember BILLIONS of people love it. Hockey is everywhere... So you 're NEVER going to get around it!!!

By:Danielle Evans

 I LOVE HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!