Sony claims its PSP will match the PS3 -
Sony claims its PSP will match the PS3 -
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If I had only one thing I would play PS3 for the rest of my life. Everyone likes __X BOX__and 360 but I think it sucks because you have to pay fo online, unlike PS3 its free. There are way better games like Black ops my favorite. Also stuff like Little Big Plant 2. And much much more! I think that PS3 is the best. Some people will think that I am wrong but I dont care. Nick always says that hes going to get a PS3. I dont think he ever will. First he said XBox is better than PS3. We all know the true fact that PS3 is better. There are more games for PS3, but XBox hase a lot of games but there all cartoon games unlike PS3.

XBox and XBox 360

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