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Camping is relaxing, sitting in the middle of the woods, fresh air and the smell of the bushes and pine trees, sping water, and the releif of being able to not worry about anyone else around you. All those things you can find while camping. I am very passionate about camping because it gives me and others the opportunity to go out and live in the forest with the wilderness. Also because when I am in the car you get so comfortable that you don't want ot get out however when you get there you never want ot leave. To me that is the best feeling in the world!

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One of my most favourite campsites is Awenda. Awenda is one of the best campsites to me because it is a very free but yet closed in, and has very nice campsites. It has one of the best beaches which has the nicest and softest sand out of all the campsites that I have been to. Awenda has six different areas to camp, Deer, snake, wolf, bear, turtle and hawk. Each one has it's own beach however they are very similar. In every area there will be about 2 to 3 water taps and 3 outhouses and a shower area for everyone to use. In every area chipmunks, bears, deersskunks, racoons and deers rae free to come into your campsite. I once had an experience wherei put a peanut on my arm so the chipmunk started to climb up my arm to get the peanut. After that i decided to build a home by a tree with a front lawn and back lawn so it could live there.



Another one of my favourite campsites is Killbearbecause it has a great beach that has a big cliff which you can jump off the one side and another part you can slide down into the water. It is so much fun! cliff_diving_at_killbear.jpg Another thing that i like about Killbear is the campsites because they make you feel very comfortable and safe. They also are known to have alot of bears. (hence the name "Killbear") However the one time we were there we heard this growling and then the campers beside us were yelling "get in the car now!" to their family and then a bear walked through our campsite! However we never saw that bear again.