Video games are one of the things that i do in my free time. i'm always playing video games at my house. i like them because video games are really fun and when im bored i can just play them. You can do almost anything in video games. My favourite type of video game system is xbox. My favourite games are call of duty and grand theft auto. I really want a playstation 3 but i can't get one yet. My most favourite game is black ops. Like most games, you can just do campaign/story mode but on black ops you can go online with others, play with friends and even do zombies mode.

There are tons of different video game systems like gameboy, gamecube, wii, play station, xbox and lots more.i have the gameboy, gamecube, wii and xbox.There are millions of different games too and theres so many different kinds. My favourite kinds are shooting, zombie or adventure games. Some of my favourite, more cartoonish video games are stuff like mario games. I have luigi's mansion and super mario party 5 for the gamecube and super mario galaxy for the wii.