The thing that I could do all day and sometimes I do is go to Rancomville speedway. Its a race track that my aunt and uncle owns.

The race track is in the U.S.A.Ransomville.jpg

Night at the track

The main reason why I love going to the track is because there's nothing like it. Its got some of the wierdest united states food. Plus its fun watching your cousins take the chekered flag. Its also one of those family things that you have to do. Except this one I actully like to do. So next time when your mom says you need to have some family time, tell her we should go to Ransomville speedway.

My favourite race

Every year the have have The hangover 100. Its a race on new years day. Its not a normal race. Its a whole bunch of amature drivers that bring their cars to the track and race it. If they get in a crash the bulldoser brings the flamming car to the middle of the track and just leaves it there, until the end of the race. The after the race me my brother and my cousins kick off all the beer bottles and pop cans left from the crowd. Here is the hangover 2 years ago.

My cousins

My cousins race. Both of my cousins have lots of trophys. the oldest cousin races a modify. The other races a sportsman. Just this year my cousins cousin won syracuse. This race wasn't at rancimville but this race was one of the biggest races you can win. the day he won we were eating dinner with my aunt and she was texting people at the track to see how he was doing. When he won we all cheared.

Fun, fun, fun

the last reason that I love going there is for reasons like this video below. Its not just races its a whole lot more.

Another t
hing that I could do all day is watch a movie with Will Ferrel.

The reason I love will ferrel is because he makes comedy movies even more funny. I just think he has great acting skills. Will ferell's first name is actully John. He was born on july 16 1967. This is a trailer of one of my favourite will Ferrel movie. Blades of glory. Some of his other movies are land of the lost, taladaga nights, and the other guy's. But he also does kid movies like megamind, elf and even curious George.