What Are You Passionate About?

This wiki will be used for each student to show what they are passionate about. What is the thing that you love? The one thing that you could do forever? Use this wiki to create a page devoted to that topic. Do you love a particular sport, or activity? Is reading a good book, or trying out any new recipe, something you always do? Tell us about it, here!

What's a good wiki?

Requirements for an effective Wiki:

- state what you are passionate about
- include multimedia (pictures, links, sounds, embedded/linked videos)
- provide links to other websites

Criteria for a successful wiki:

- provide in-depth reasons indicating why you are passionate about the item
- multimedia is directly related to your passion and serves to enhance the presentation
- multiple links serve to enhance the reader's understanding of all aspects of your passion
- links to other websites are directly related
- most words are spelled correctly and sentences follow most grammatical rules