The thing that I'm passionate about is Basketball. The reason why I like Basketball so much is because, It's a really great way to get sweaty, since the game of Basketball is mostly just running back and forth, from basket, to basket. Another reason why I like it is because, in the game, your supposed to be more aggressive, to wrestle for the ball, to get through the defense men, with the ball, and to play defense on the people that are trying to get to your basket, to score, that all really does all involve being aggressive! So to be able to actually play the game effectively you do need to be some what aggressive to play every element of basketball.


I've actually only been playing basketball in a league for about two years. So in grade four I randomly tried out for the basketball team, without really having any idea what I was doing, and I did not make the team. I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT!!! But I didn't get too upset with my because when I tried out I had (like I said before) no idea what I was doing. Later in the year I asked my dad if we could get a basketball net. We got one. Then, when it turned summer, I was completely obsessed with it! I was playing basketball non-stop, and after a while, whenever my dad got home he always knew where I'd be, and lots of times he came out to shoot hoops with me too. I started getting better and better, and before I knew I was smoking my dad in every game of 21, tho he may not admit it. Then, when school year started again, I joined a CYO basketball leauge, the rules are a bit different then regular basketball.


In 1981 basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith, who was a Canadian gymNAISMITH.jpg teacher, and also an instructor at the Young men's Christian Association Training School. He invented Basketball, on a rainy day, with his gym class. He wanted to play an indoor game that would still give his class lots of exercise. He came up with lots of different game ideas, until, finally, he came up with basketball. He wrote down some basic, and easy rules, then he nailed a peachbasket into an elevated board. For a while the bottom of the basket remained on, so after each basket scored they had to keep taking the ball out of out of the basket, instead of the ball just falling out the bottom, like it does today. But after a while they found that this was too hard, so they took the bottom off.

James A. Naismith
external image 220px-Naismith_1900_circa.jpg


There are lots of different ways to play basketball, the way I play is probably one one the easiest, and that is to play aggressively. Playing aggressively is not hard at all, I like to play that way because, that way it is easier to keep the ball in your possession. Another way that some people play, is to do a lot of tricks with the ball. A disadvantage to playing this way, is that it is a lot easier to lose the ball (unless you practice doing that kind of stuff a lot, and are a professional.) A way to play if your not very comfortable with the ball yet, if your a beginner, is to pass the ball around a lot-not too much, but enough to practice your passing,and still practice your shooting some.


When your playing defense, it's the best opportunity to be aggressive, because your trying to block your check from the ball, and if they get the ball, your trying to get it away from them.


Stuffing someone is a lot easier when you're taller, but if they jump short people can do it. Guys in the NBA, or the NCAA, make it look so easy, but those guys are giants, and practice almost 24/7. So to a "regular" person it is actually kind of difficult. Because, when you put you hands up, and jump in the air, they could fake the shot, then pass it to someone who's wide open, and score, or you could foul them, then they get a foul shot and score. A way not to foul them is to just hit the ball and not the person, and a way not to get faked out is to, wait until the ball is in the air, then jump and grab it, but you have to be fast.


Dunking a basketball takes a lot of height, unless you have really strong legs to make you jump very high. Basketball players dunk because, it looks cool, and because you are most likely to get it in, because you're so high up in the air. Unless someone is fast and stuffs you.


Something that i do before very important basketball games, is listen to "Eye of the tiger" because it gets me pumped up. Even tho that song was originally made for wrestling, there is 'some' wrestling in basketball, but that's more just wrestling for the ball. Also my favourite just dance video is "Eye of the tiger."


I think that basketball is a really great sport, and that all people that play basketball have a pretty good sense of awesomeness! If you've never played basketball then I suggest you give it a shot. If you've tried it and still don't like it, then it's really your loss! And to all you non B-ball lovers...get a life, and start loving it because your REALLY missing out!

written by TESSA GROOMBRIDGE!!!!!!!